As speech-language pathology students at Western University, we believe in collaboration amongst educators and health professionals. Both of us have worked in the school environment with prior degrees in Early Childhood Education (Amanda) and Child Study and Education (Ashley). We have a passion for working with teachers and students through literacy based games and activities.
By working collaboratively with you (the teacher!), we can promote student success through a deep understanding of the curriculum combined with the knowledge of the trajectory of language development.
We created this website to provide teachers with an overview of executive functions and what they look like in the classroom. We have provided some general recommendations for how to support those students with executive functioning difficulties. Lastly, we developed a lesson plan for a common grade four novel study book (Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson). This was designed to provide you with a breakdown of activities to support executive functions and reduce cognitive load during the reading process.
This website could not be created without the knowledge, guidance and expertise of Dr. Lisa Archibald in our #WesternDLD2 classroom. Thank you!
Who Are We?
Amanda Connolly
Welcome to the Collaborative Classroom!
Ashley Davis

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